About us

Excellent dry cleaning services

Starline Drycleaners is a well-established laundry and dry-cleaning service provider in Nairobi and its environment. At Starline we have established a reputation as one of the finest and most respected dry cleaning services in the industry.

We believe our success is founded upon a strong belief in and commitment to providing excellence in quality dry cleaning services with strong customer service orientation.

We value each customer as an individual asset to our company, and we fully stand behind our work so that your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

✓ Our Vision

To enable you “shine at your best” as you to enjoy your moments.

✓ Our Mission

To provide convenient dry cleaning and laundry services with superior quality cost effectively to our clients.

Get quality dry cleaning services

Our knowledge and expertise on wide range of fabric cleaning allow us to provide full range of dry cleaning services for all types of garments ranging from formal or casual wear garments for the whole family, fashion dresses for special occasion, wedding dresses to the more specialized Suede and leather jackets fabrics. Our services extend to household items including; bedding items such as duvets, comforters, quilts blankets, curtains and upholstery as well as carpets and rugs.

We are available to serve various customer profiles ranging from individual customers, large and small commercial and industrial clients to hospitality businesses such as catering or B and B service providers.

We make dirty things clean. It’s our thing. Make a fresh start with our dry cleaning today.